New Issue: 27.2 – Racism in the Netherlands

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Frame 27.2 – Racism in the Netherlands
| November 2014

This November issue of Frame is, in many ways, a first. Veering slightly from our primarily literary focus, we have taken this edition to expand our interdisciplinary approach in tackling a conversation that seems to lie at the heart of this holiday season: what does racism look like, and in particular, what does it look like here, in the Netherlands?

Unravelling national narratives of belonging, citizenship, and myths of exceptionalism, this issue aims to contribute to an on-going discussion that questions the very fabric of language we use to theorize on racism in this country. When talking about what constitutes a collective “us”, why do we use the words we use, tell these stories about ourselves to ourselves, and who does the telling—and who the listening? Unpacking notions of “institutional racism”, “color blindness” and “white privilege” in the Dutch context, our authors venture into largely unexplored territories.

The mulling over of these issues is, at the moment, as much alive in public debates as it is on print. One of our aims in this issue of Frame is to bridge a gap between a somewhat muffled academic discourse on racism in the Netherlands and the general mainstream platform on which a large portion of the current discussion is taking place.

On the 4th of December, Frame 27.2 was launched. Zihni Özdil’s presentation can be found on the invitation page.


Aja Y. Martinez | Critical Race Theory: Its Origins, History, and Importance to the Discourses and Rhetorics of Race

Katrine Smiet | “Transatlantic Cross-Pollination”: 30 Years of Dutch Feminist Theorizing on Race and Racism

Zihni Özdil | “Racism is an American Problem”: Dutch Exceptionalism and the Politics of Denial

Guno Jones | Unequal Citizenship in the Netherlands: The Caribbean Dutch as Liminal Citizens

David Herbert | Racism in the Netherlands: A Social Scientific Analysis of the Dynamics of the Dutch Multicultural Backlash

Sarah de Mul | Contesting Black Pete: A Conversation with Kristina G. Langarika, Author of Lola’s Sint

Lieke Schrijvers | Demonstrating Dutch: Nationalism and Cultural Racism in the 2013 Anti-Putin and Pro-Black Pete Protests in the Netherlands

Philomena Essed | Afterword: A Second Wave of Dutch Resistance Against Racism

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