The Editorial Board


Max Casey
is pursuing a Research MA in Comparative Literary Studies at Utrecht University. He completed his MA in English at Aberdeen University in 2018, receiving the Duncan McKenzie Prize in English. His current research explores multimedia approaches to the AIDS epidemic, focusing especially on how the disease makes us rethink space and temporality. This approach incorporates queer and affect theory, as well as hauntology.

Kaixuan Yao
completed her BA at New York University Shanghai with a capstone thesis on orientalism and sadomasochism of the fin-de-siècle Austro-Hungarian Empire prior to studying for the Research Master of Comparative Literary Studies in Utrecht University. Her current research works towards a comparative study of post-communist/post-socialist/post-Cold War transformations and memories of CEE, China and the US through the lens of urban nostalgia.

Editorial Staff

Amanda Castro Thijssen
is currently in her third year of the BA Comparative Literature and her second year of the BA English Language and Culture. Her main interests are cultural memory (especially focused on WWII, the Spanish Civil War and their aftermath), feminist texts and symbolism in literary texts.

Sinakho Dhlamini
holds a BA in English Language and Literature and Psychology (University of Cape Town) and is currently studying for the MA in Literature Today at Utrecht University. Her main interests include feminism, cognitive theory and postcolonial studies.

Katarina Vita Dolenc
is in the Gender studies research programme at Utrecht University. Previously, she received her BA in English philology and Philosophy at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich. Currently, she is working on the topics of memory studies and mental health in relation to Victorian and Modernist literature.

Marleen Hiltrop
is currently studying for a BA in English Language and Culture (Utrecht University). Her areas of interest include Celtic literature, American studies, and postcolonial studies.

Maico Mariën
is currently in his first year of the Research Master’s Comparative Literary Studies at Utrecht University. He attained his Bachelor’s degree in philosophy at Leiden University. His primary interest is the intersection between literature and (philosophical) theory, in particular contemporary theories of materialism.

Lisanne Meinen
holds a BA in Literary Studies (Utrecht University) and is currently pursuing an MA (research) in Comparative Literary Studies (Utrecht University). Her main areas of interest include ecocriticism, memory studies, and perpetrator studies. She is especially interested in exploring the multiple intersections of these fields.

Felix Roessler
is a second-year student in the Research MA in Comparative Literature (Utrecht University). He has obtained his BA in Comparative Literature (Innsbruck University) and recently completed a semester abroad at the Centre for Comparative Literature (University of Toronto). He is working on contemporary poetry, translingualism, and new materialisms.

Claudia Vasquez-Caicedo Rainero
is a second-year student of the RMA in Comparative Literary Studies programme at Utrecht University, where she is also Student Assistant. She completed her BA in Hispanic Literature (Pontifical Catholic University of Peru), where she focused on discourse analysis, gender, and postcolonial power structures in Peruvian short stories. Her main interests and projects revolve around cultural identity, postcolonial studies, and aesthetics in contemporary narrative, particularly in Latin America.

Marit van de Warenburg
is a first-year student of the Research Master Comparative Literary Studies at Utrecht University. She holds a BA in English and German Language and Culture, specifically focusing on intertextuality and education. Her interests include cultural memory studies, feminism and affect theory.