Frame 18.1/2 – Public Memory II | May 2005








Main Articles

Wulf Kansteiner | The Trouble with Trauma: A Critique of the Cultural Trauma Metaphor

Jeroen Mettes | Getekend: Trauma, Getuigenis en Allegorie in Maus

Astrid Erll | Reading Literature as Collective Texts: German and English War Novels of the 1920s as Media of Cultural and Communicative Memory

Magriet van der Waal | We Can Only Remind Each Other of It: The Farm as South African lieu de mémoire in the Process of Building a National Collective Memory

Léon van Schoonneveldt | First World War Fiction and the Revisionist School of Military Historians


Solange Leibovici | Don Juan als fantasie, maar wiens fantasie?


Robert Haak | De charme van twee “one-idea-books”


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