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If you want to subscribe to FRAME, please contact us via the contact form below. FRAME appears twice a year. The annual subscription fee is €11,- for students and €16,50 for non-students.

For subscriptions, our journal is only available on paper. Make sure to fill in all fields, including your name, email and full mailing address. Also specify whether you are a student (include your student number) to be eligible for the student discount. Before your subscription starts, you will be provided with the details concerning the payment of the subscription fee.

Ordering copies

If you want to order one or multiple FRAME issues, please contact us via the form below and let us know which issues you would like to receive. Issues can be bought either in regular print or in the form of a digital PDF. A print issue costs €9,-. A digital version of an issue costs €7,-. Make sure to include at least your name, email and full address in your message. Before receiving the issue(s), you will be provided with the details concerning the payment of the order costs.

Supporting membership

If you wish to offer FRAME some extra support, there is also the option of becoming a supporting member. This membership consists of a small annual contribution. The usual fee for a sustaining membership is €25,- per year. If you want to become a supporting member, please specify this choice in the form below.

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The usual annual fee for a sustaining member is €25, but you are free to choose whichever amount you wish to contribute.

*By signing this mandate form, I authorize FRAME to debit my bank account for the purchase of the relevant issue(s) or membership.